Profit Wave

From a business perspective, Dermalux ranks as one of highest profit treatments and offers unrivalled commercial benefits to boost the bottom line.

Unlike many other treatments, LED Phototherapy will benefit every client, all year around regardless of skin concerns and skin type and creates the foundation for any on-going client skin care programme.

Proven results with problem skin conditions such as spot prone skin, uneven skin tone and redness for example broadens the range of indications that can be successfully treated which in turn attracts new clients and brings new revenue opportunities.

As a standalone treatment, LED Phototherapy offers immediate revitalisation of the skin and on-going corrective and skin health benefits. Following in the trend for a ‘bespoke’ approach, LED Phototherapy can be integrated with virtually any existing treatment and creates upselling opportunities in combination with existing facial treatments to enhance and accelerate results.

For optimum results, treatment is recommended once to twice a week for an initial course and then monthly for maintenance thereafter. Dermalux® is repeatedly proven to increase client loyalty and rebooking rates and clients can safely be left alone to relax during the treatment.

LED Phototherapy can be packaged and promoted in a multitude of ways. From standalone and combination packages through to ‘Signature’ facial treatments, it continues to be a successful and a popular choice by skin care professionals and clients alike. With no consumables or maintenance, this is safe, simple and results driven treatment with an exceptional return on investment.

• Clinically proven, results driven treatment
• Non-invasive, year round treatment for all skin types
• High safety profile without discomfort or downtime
• Immediate visible benefits with on-going results
• Wide range of applications
• Unrivalled commercial benefits