Dermalux® continues to be a ‘must have’ treatment both from a results and commercial point of view but don’t just take our word for it, read what the industry is saying about us.

Aesthetic Nurse

Dermalux® will raise the profile of any Medical Practitioner when dealing with problematic skin concerns. I now have a 2 to 3 week waiting list for this treatment, in fact I wish I had 2 machines!

It really is the ‘Holy Grail of skin treatments’ and delivers noticeable improvements as both a standalone and combined treatment. As a Clinic Owner, this is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Lisa Monaghan-Jones RGN
NIP. Director of internal beauty clinic, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Aesthetic Doctor

The Dermalux® LED system is an excellent standalone treatment and an invaluable addition to all the skin care programmes I offer in my clinic. It is probably the best investment in technology I have ever made.

Dr Simon Ravichandran

Skin Care Specialist

I had been searching for treatments to enable me to effectively treat clients that suffer with problematic skin. Although my existing skincare treatments were doing well with anti-ageing, I wanted to see more impact. Once I agreed to a demonstration of the Dermalux treatment, I was blown away with opportunities on how I could extend LED to my CACI and HydroPeptide clients.

Within a few weeks of committing to purchase a Dermalux system, I immediately drew up a business plan on how I could increase my average treatment sale. I used to offer skin peels with a facial for £75 for the hour but incorporating LED has increased my average treatment sale from £75 to £110.

As a single practitioner, I usually treat around 30 facial clients a month. Within 2 weeks I had sold 3 Dermalux courses along with a couple of clients that tried LED along with their regular facial. Originally I set a goal in February 2016 to achieve 14 LED treatments that would provide me with a little profit and I’m astounded that that within 2 weeks of introducing Dermalux, I had 30 bookings in for the next 8 weeks.

I passionately believe that Dermalux LED Phototherapy has been the best business investment I’ve made alongside HydroPeptide and what I love about LED is that I can link phototherapy with treatments I already offer or as a standalone treatment.

Growth, development and consistency in business is always key to me and I am so happy I didn’t just turn away like a lot of my colleagues who thought "You are taking on too much, it won’t work.” Push those negative thoughts aside do your maths and work on how you can personally grow your business because one thing I’ve learnt is if you’re complacent in business you are not working to your full potential.

Sandy Henshaw
Sandy Henshaw Beauty, London

Aesthetic Clinic

Dermalux has been a wonderful addition to our clinic. We use the treatment in a multitude of ways and cannot imagine our clinic without it. From enquiry through to installation and training, the information provided by the company was clear, quick and payment terms utterly achievable to most. Our Dermalux arrived quickly and the training was explained clearly and simply. Customer care at its best and we are never left with any unanswered questions.

Dori Houston

Skin Care Specialist

Dermalux® is without doubt the best investment I have ever made. The treatment is so popular it now accounts for 40% of my business.

Karen Kroese
Kalista Beauty

Luxury Spa

Dermalux has enhanced our facial treatments and increased the Spa rebooking by helping us to sell treatment courses. I would recommend Dermalux® to any Spa who wants the best results for their clients.

Shelley Hepburn
Spa Director, Bulgari Hotel & Residences London

Aesthetic Nurse

Incorporating Dermalux® has enabled us to offer treatment for a wider range of skin concerns. Our patients love it for rejuvenation or post procedure to calm the skin and it enables us to treat problem and sensitive skins knowing that they will see great results.

Sharon Bennett
RGN NIP, Harrogate Aesthetics

Aesthetic Doctor

I am thrilled with my Dermalux®. I have never purchased a machine that has been used as frequently from the first day of delivery, and have had very positive feedback from patients

Dr Cheralyn Lumley
Lumley Aesthetics

Skin Educator

Since we took on the Dermalux® it changed our whole understanding of the effectiveness of using an LED in a skin clinic, so much so we now have 3 machines and all within a couple of years.

Having the Tri-Wave has simplified our treatments and having the choice of using all three wavelengths together gives us a lot more scope. Most problem skins need blue light combined with red light. With the additional combination of near infra-red, the results are now second to none and due to this success we have seen, we have become the ‘go to’ skin clinic for pre-teen and teenage skin and all we do it sit them under our Tri-Wave for 20 minutes.

Personally I feel we are only at the start of understanding the long term effects of combining these 3 lights on our skin as I can honestly say with my Dermalux® LED I am achieving result I thought impossible before.

Donna Glazer
Face It Skin Clinic

Skin Care Specialist

I would just like to thank you all for the fantastic service you have given me before and after purchasing the fantastic Dermalux LED Phototherapy system.

I was introduced to it by the wonderful Louise who came into the clinic and was knowledgeable about the company the machine and honest in all aspects of sales and results.

Louise went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with the product and she was in touch with me at all times.

The whole procedure from seeing the machine to purchase to usage and ongoing help has been second to none. I only wish I could say that about all the people I encountered in sales.

Thank you again for the ongoing fantastic after service too. I feel confident and very happy with the whole of the Dermalux team!

Harshida Patel
Beautology Ltd

Aesthetic Doctor

I just wanted to thank you for introducing our clinic to Dermalux LED Phototherapy. When I initially heard about it, I have to admit that I was rather sceptical (as many medics can be), but I have gladly been proven wrong!

My patients absolutely love this treatment and some keep booking new courses of treatment time after time. I also offer Dermalux treatment after injectable treatments to help reduce bruising and swelling and the results on any condition that causes erythema, inflammation are fantastic. The treatment is also a great way to prepare the skin before a peel and also post-peel to help reduce down-time.

I am so 'sold' on the treatment that I personally have a 20 minute session twice a week without fail!

I have no hesitation in recommending Dermalux to anyone including my colleagues in the medical aesthetic industry.

Dr Xavier Goodarzian
Dr Xavier G. Medi-Spa Clinic

Clinic Manager

The Dermalux® Tri Wave LED Phototherapy system is a recent addition to the clinic and has already made a big impact on our clients. It is fast becoming a very popular treatment, with clients booking repeat treatments after noticing the difference in how their skin feels and looks afterwards. The great thing about the Dermalux is its versatility; it's a treatment we can offer to every one of our clients no matter what their skin type, or skin concern and it gives fantastic results when used in conjunction with the other aesthetic treatments we offer in the clinic. Thank you Louise for the great training and support, and we look forward to our continued work with the Dermalux team!

Lauren Sibley
Juvea Aesthetics, Harley Street, London

Aesthetic Doctor

Dermalux® is an indispensable part of the clinic, both as a stand-alone treatment and as an integral part of combination treatment schedules. Patients enjoy the sessions and find it a relaxing, non-threatening, natural and socially acceptable treatment. Sessions are taken as courses to treat a wide range of skin conditions and ageing skin, or in combination following Hydrafacial, skin peels, skin needling, laser, filler and PRP to upgrade the result or facilitate healing and reduce side effects.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dermalux® as an addition to any clinic.

Dr Julia Sevi
Aesthetic Health, Leeds

Aesthetic Doctor

The Dermalux is affordable, quick and easy to use, has no downtime and has a high patient satisfaction rate. Deciding to purchase the Dermalux is a no brainer!

Dr Rekha Tailor
Health + Aesthetics, Farnham

Skin Care Specialist

Since opening my clinic we have always had LED in one form or another, however from the moment of our demonstration day I knew this latest version would be a god send to the business. Tri wave has made treatments so much easier, most of our clients are interested in the skin rejuvenation which is great for an add on but I feel the machine comes into its own with acne clients and we are seeing fantastic results and all you have to do is let your clients lie under the light!

Dermalux made everything easy from demonstration, to purchase to installation and our representative (Rachel) has been fantastic in helping with training and open events, thank you and I look forward to seeing this treatment go from strength to strength – one of the best investments ever!

Mary Lawson-Evans
Henley Rooms