Maskne: make light work of treatment and prevention.


Maskne is a word that has become increasingly popular since the advent of COVID, it essentially describes an outbreak of acne or skin irritation caused by regularly wearing a face mask. Maskne can be particularly embarrassing if it causes a breakout of spots around the nose and mouth.

Possible remedies quoted in the online media include reducing stress and using oil-free skincare products. However, there are other things that can be done to actively keep you skin looking clear and healthy rather than irritated and sore.

Changing face masks more often is a great idea, but what the skin really needs is cellular stimulation combined with a way to eliminate the skin bacteria that leads to clogged pores and spots.

Sunshine has always been seen as a natural light therapy, a way to get a healthy glow and improve complexion; however, we are all now aware that too much sun, especially the ‘tanning’ ultraviolet rays, can actually harm and damage the skin.

Dermalux were the first company to work with medical professionals and develop a proprietary Tri-Wave LED technology that combines three specific wavelengths of light and infrared energy that have been clinically proven to be therapeutic for skincare: Blue light at 415nm, Red light at 633nm and Near Infrared light at 830nm (which is effectively invisible to our eyes). By combining these wavelengths, a light therapy is possible that delivers the skincare benefits of sunlight without incurring any harmful UV rays.

In addition to winning multiple Aesthetic industry awards, the Dermalux range has also been awarded regulatory Medical CE certification across Europe, FDA certification in the US and TGA certification in Australia.

Dermalux light therapy uses the 3 most clinically proven wavelengths which are delivered to clients using the company’s patented LED technology, and while these have been copied, somewhat poorly by competitors, only Dermalux has been able to deliver the precise power and wavelengths identified by skin care professionals as being genuinely beneficial: don’t be misled, weaker products are not better, they’re just weaker. The market for light therapy devices is constantly changing but it should come as no surprise that articles in the Daily Mail and Sunday Telegraph have called out Dermalux devices as being genuine products that deliver tangible skincare benefits.

“Unlike most LED masks, which aren’t precise or powerful enough, this lives up to its promise. It is expensive but uses medical-grade LEDs and has clinical studies to back it up. Red light softens wrinkles and pigmentation, blue light zaps the bacteria that provoke acne, and the (invisible) infrared light reduces inflammation. I used it for 20 to 30 minutes five times a week for three months, and images showed it had knocked nine years off my skin age.”

Feature: ‘Come out of lockdown looking 10 years younger! – Gadgets that really work’
Author: Alice Hart-Davis
Daily Mail, Thursday February 4th, page 59

“At the high end of the market, the Dermalux Flex MD is one of the most powerful masks, with patented blue, red and near infrared LEDs and seven treatment protocols that address numerous skin concerns for face and body”.

Feature: From sci-fi to DIY: behind the beauty tech boom
Author: Annabel Jones
The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 28th February, Stella Supplement, page 32

Dermalux has continued to innovate their LED phototherapy technology and now offers a portfolio of four LED devices, each developed to meet the evolving requirements of clinics and MedSpas in the UK, Europe, Australia, USA and around the world. Their latest phototherapy device is the Flex MD, which has also been medically certified for home use, and has proved a boom for clinics who have developed rental programmes, enabling clients to use these phototherapy devices in their own homes.

If you are a Maskne sufferer, and you have tried other treatments without success, look for a clinic or spa that offers a course of Dermalux treatments. If you are currently under lockdown, look for a clinic offering a Flex MD rental programme, available for use at home. The Dermalux Blue 415nm LED light therapy will tackle the bacteria that cause spots, and the Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm LEDs with stimulate the blood flow in your skin whilst reducing inflammation. Keep your skin healthy under your mask and say goodbye to Maskne with Dermalux light therapy.

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