As the number of vaccinations steadily grows, and the Covid reporting data indicates a decline in infection rates, schedules are now being drawn up for a phased exit from lockdown.

So how are skincare professionals getting ready to get back to business and what are they planning to offer their clients once they open their doors?

Through a series of recent webinars, with guests Katie Sutton, Pan Underdown and Adam Houghton, Dermalux has been investigating a range of business initiatives built around the popular Dermalux range of LED light therapy solutions that will encourage members of the public to get in touch with their skincare advisers.

There is evidence that Lockdown has encouraged the public to invest more time and effort in their skincare, Zoom calls and Facetime can reveal more about your skin than you may think; more than one advertiser has already caught up on this and updated their TV adverts.

Dermalux has a range of phototherapy devices and protocols that can be tailored to each individual’s requirements for facial light therapy, from using Blue light LEDs to help combat acne wherever it occurs on the body, through to Red light LED and near Infrared LEDs that help to calm redness and rejuvenate the skin.

During lockdown, some remote care was made possible using the Dermalux Flex MD Rental programme, however, in addition to treating indications such as psoriasis and skin blemishes, it became apparent that clients have been able to manage episodes of musculoskeletal pain, which is actually one of the four main indications for which Dermalux LED light therapy (or phototherapy) has been clinically approved.

Reaching out to clients via a simple phone call is great way to catch up, to see how they are doing and if they have any concerns that might require a scheduled face to face meeting. Even before lockdown ends, clients have been using video apps like Zoom and WhatsApp to keep in touch and remain engaged.

Once lockdown restrictions on Aesthetic and MedSpa clinics are lifted, clients will want to enjoy a range of therapies, and it is possible that some will seek to have several combined during a single ‘visit’. Dermalux LED light therapy can easily be combined with a range of skin, hair and nail treatments enabling skin therapists to save their clients’ time, while providing extra services. The more powerful Dermalux LED systems, that require a trained skincare professional to operate, can deliver protocol-specific wavelengths of light energy in a shorter timeframe, to stimulate the appropriate skin cells with greater physical coverage and power, than devices that are certified for remote or home use.

Red light, Blue light and Near Infrared wavelengths can be used to rejuvenate the skin and treat a range of indications, and while these light therapies can be used in combination, adding value to your client sessions, there is no additional per-treatment cost, other than the cost of electricity, which means that light therapy treatments can boost your overall profitability. An acne facial led treatment that requires no additional serums or medicines can be a powerful way to boost your business.

Coming out of lockdown will require careful preparation and scheduling, so start getting in touch with your clients soon. Make sure you have the equipment and resources to hand, and if you have any questions about how Dermalux can help you, please give us a call.

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