Dermalux® Tri-Wave Compact

The Dermalux® Tri-Wave Compact is a table top system which enables treatments to be carried out in either a seated or lying down position and is ideal where space is an issue.

Clinically proven Blue 415nm, Red 633nm, Blue 415nm and Near Infrared 830nm wavelengths are delivered with the latest generation bespoke LEDs to ensure focused and optimised penetration of light into the skin.

The Dermalux Concurrent Modality Treatmentâ„¢ enables all three wavelengths to be delivered either individually or simultaneously in any selected combination, maximising results and reducing treatment times.

The Compact is operated from a touch screen control panel and offers a manual option for flexible treatment times (from 1 to 30 minute) and a selection of pre-set treatment 20 minutes programmes for skin specific concerns.

The unique patented Tri-Wave Compact design features a five LED panel treatment head with a fully automated extendable arm function and height control operation for easy positioning over the face and body.

• Table top system, ideal where space is an issue  
• Tri-Wave treatment head with 5 LED panels  
• Manual & pre-set programmes for specific skin conditions  
• Patented fully automated compact design  
• Multi-positioning for seated and lie down treatments  

Dermalux® Support Package

• On-site training: theory, practical & commercial  
• Comprehensive training and user manual  
• Treatment protocols: standard and bespoke  
• Client Consultation and Consent forms  
• Client marketing: in-clinic, website and social media  
• Promotional launch event  
• Comprehensive repair or replace warranty  
• On-going help / support service