Combining Dermalux

Dermalux® LED Phototherapy is a versatile treatment that can be applied throughout any age management or problem skin treatment programme for corrective, maintenance and preventative results;

• To strengthen and prepare the skin in advance of invasive and ablative procedures
• In combination with any existing skin treatment to enhance and accelerate results
• A post treatment procedure to calm redness and irritation
• An on-going skin health and maintenance treatment

Dermalux® protocols are easy to integrate and can be adapted to address the requirements of each individual client.

Good skin preparation is essential to ensure the successful outcome of more advanced and invasive treatments; to help minimise the risk of adverse effects such as post inflammatory pigmentation, scarring, bacterial infection and slow healing.

Applying Dermalux to prepare the skin pre-treatment is proven to increase resiliency and immunity of the skin and also ensure that cells are fuelled with a ready supply of energy (ATP) to enable the healing process to be accelerated.

In addition, applying Dermalux post treatment is proven to reduce redness and irritation, relieve discomfort, minimise the risk of infection and improve bruise resolution.

Dermalux can be combined with procedures including skin peels, microdermabrasion, skin needling, mesotherapy, PRP, Radio Frequency, Laser/IPL and injectable treatments. It will also advance the results of more traditional facial treatments.

It is particularly effective with resurfacing procedures where superficial layers of the epidermis are removed. Dead skin cells create an uneven surface which increases the reflection of light. Creating a smooth and more homogenous surface allows for better light absorption and better results.

Dermalux does not replace existing treatments however, from experience, combining skin needling and LED Phototherapy for example can produce the same and better results than IPL rejuvenation without the risks, costs or downtime. As Dermalux builds healthy skin from within, it compliments other treatments that work via different mechanisms.

Creating a 'Signature' or Red Carpet treatment combining resurfacing modalities, Radio Frequency and Dermalux for example is also a popular non-invasive treatment choice.

Certain topical products may be applied to the skin prior to the Dermalux treatment. Near Infrared 830nm is proven to enhance cell permeability which aids product penetration whilst Red 633nm increases cellular metabolism to speed up the activation of ingredients.

From a client perspective, LED Phototherapy provides a relaxing and uplifting experience following more invasive procedures which may cause discomfort. Clinically this offers enhanced results and commercially this enhances the overall client experience and gives them a reason to come back soon for their follow up Dermalux treatments.